The Landing Pad w/ Jacob Griffith

650k in his first year? A GOLDEN DOOR his first year? Jacob Griffith has some things to say so, listen up.

Jacob Griffith (Griff), an Indiana native, was always into sports and loved competition (having 11 siblings will do that). He aimed for Indiana University. After a year, he decided to drop out and look for something new. A Grit brother, AJ Saphir, hit him up about door-to-door sales.

Who Is This Rookie Prodigy, Jacob Griffith?

Griff was skeptical at first. Door-to-door? Seriously? But after some convincing and meeting the team, he took the leap. At just 20, he pulled in $650K in sales over a single summer.

His motivation? Having a high goal in mind and making a real difference. He aimed for six figures, thinking it’d be a game-changer. And you know what? He nailed it, proving himself a top performer among rookies.

Insights From Jacob Griffith

Reflecting on his stellar rookie year, Griffith emphasized the importance of setting big goals while maintaining an unwavering focus on personal improvement. His mantra, “Do what others won’t today, so tomorrow I get to do what others can’t,” encapsulates the essence of grit—a willingness to push boundaries, defy expectations, and relentlessly pursue excellence.

One of the key takeaways from Griffith’s summer is the importance of surrounding oneself with winners. In Portland, Griffith found himself propelled by a culture of excellence. The vibe within the team created an environment where each member strived to uplift and inspire one another, driving collective success.

Griffith’s journey also underscores the importance of resilience in the face of adversity. While he didn’t encounter a definitive breaking point, his unwavering self-belief and the support of his teammates fortified him against doubt and setbacks.

He’s all about “showing up for your future self.”  In other words, putting in the work today for a better tomorrow. Hard work pays off, and Griffith’s success story is proof of that.

What Does D2D Offer Beside Money? A Whole Lot

According to Griffith, door-to-door sales aren’t just about the cash. The relationships he has built within the team have been incredibly fulfilling. Working in close-knit teams and building connections with people from all walks of life has opened up a world of possibilities for personal growth and development.

It’s taught him a lot about himself too. On one particular day, he got a late start as he was ramping up his numbers and trying to reach that Golden Door. His mind was focused on getting out and knocking but on the way, he passed a lady on the side of the road and helped jump her car.

“You gotta be a good person before you can be a good salesperson.” Griff believes that if you stack service, you’ll always get good results.

Never Let Someone Tell You That You Can’t Do Something

Rookies—take note. Griff’s story is one of hard work, resilience, and an unrelenting drive for success. If you’re looking for a place that’ll push you out of your comfort zone, welcome you into a community of winners, and help you reach your full potential, door-to-door sales at Grit may just be the perfect fit.

You might hear naysayers trying to tell you that door-to-door is dead or that it’s not for everyone. But take it from Jacob Griffith, who turned his first summer into a six-figure success story. Trust in yourself, work hard, and surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you. The sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving your goals at Grit Marketing.

So, rookies, lace up those boots, get out there, and knock on some doors. Who knows, just like Jacob Griffith, you may find your own golden door out there waiting for you. The only way to know is to take that step and see where it takes you.