Built Not Bought

The Grit is an independent sales team that began in 2020. We have never been owned, and we are not for sale. We are hell bent on starting your path to financial freedom. We’ve built a culture of mutually assured success. What separates us from the rest of the pack is our mentorship. No other D2D sales company has as many ELITE top selling reps as we do. How? Proximity is power. It’s impossible not to believe in yourself when you’re surround yourself with people who do. Because of our standardized pay model, our leadership have every motive to make you just as successful as they are. More for you, more for us, and everybody eats.

We understand that you want to be proud of where you work, which is why we invest in a vibrant and exciting culture that our people love. No more pizza parties, this is the real deal. High octane events, premium incentives, and downright steezy streetwear keep our people feeling fresh, and more importantly valued. That’s on standing on business.

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From first contact to first door here’s
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We are a real business these are our business

We sell their products. We all make money. Everyone’s happy. Call them up and ask them how they like us.

“ Grit isn’t luck. Grit isn’t how intensely, for the moment, you want something. Grit is about having a goal you care about so much that it organizes and gives meaning to everything you do.“

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