Spotlight: The Landing Pad w/Drew Hansen pt. 2

Drew Hansen episode #4! Just can’t have too much wisdom from Drew (I mean, he sold over $100k in 6 knocking days). Here’s what he had to say about keeping your energy up all summer and making it to the Rumble:

Last Summer’s Pre-Rumble Stats

The first half of the summer was lookin’ good. Here’s where we were at in July:

  • 1 rep over $900k
  • 3 reps over $700k
  • 6 reps over $500k
  • 19 reps over $400k
  • 38 reps over $300k
  • A rookie at $355k; 4 other rookies over $200k
  • $56.6 million in rev as a company to date

Drew predicted we’d have a rookie getting a Golden Door this year and that we’d have multiple rookies over $400k. This summer was a new season indeed for Grit as we’ve never had more than 1 rookie over $400k.

What Does It Take to be a Rumble Contender?

Words of wisdom from Drew: 

It all starts with belief. Winners don’t care about circumstances—they don’t care about the market or the fact that it’s April and nobody’s worried about bugs yet. As the summer goes on, people lose focus. 

They start to think that they’ve made enough money or they start questioning if they’re actually any good at sales. But the best salespeople ramp up the whole summer and keep the mindset that anything could happen before the Rumble.

You could be in last place at the end of June and then end up winning the whole thing. You could be in first place and end up losing it all. If you’re getting to the end of July and you’re feeling done, this episode reminds you that while other companies are about to go home, you have more knocking hours and possibilities in the next few weeks. 

Start being where your feet are and remember that it’s not over until it’s over.

What Can You Do Now to Create a Culture That Helps You Win the Rumble?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the winning playbook for the Rumble. It’s not just about slogging through the summer; it’s about forging a brotherhood through hard work. The grind isn’t just about personal victories—it’s about making the team bulletproof. Talk about the Rumble every day. Plan like you’re already in the ring.

Don’t let that “grass is greener” mentality mess with your head. Sure, summer sales have their peaks and valleys. It’s a rollercoaster, but remember, that’s where the real growth happens. Your focus shouldn’t be on what the guy in another market is doing. Believe in yourself and your pitch, and understand the law of the harvest: you reap what you sow.

One of the biggest things that gets in the way of winning the Rumble is apathy. Be aware of what’s happening and shift your mindset from things happening to you to things happening for you.

While some are stuck in the “why I can’t” loop, you need to be on a different wavelength. It’s about belief, bouncing back from setbacks, and figuring out how to get it done. That’s the winning formula for the Rumble: a relentless attitude and a commitment to making it happen.

The Rumble trophy isn’t given—it’s earned. Get ready to bring it home.

Check out the full episode here and get ready to Rumble this upcoming summer 2024.